Thursday, 31 July 2014

Reasons to join Indian Youth Leadership Forum and Invitation letter from Founder President

Reasons to join BYNF’s (Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum – Indian Youth

Leadership Forum) and Invitation letter from Founder President

Dear Participant,

Before inviting you to join our new initiative, I would like you to know how it would

benefit you in your life and help you grow as a person.

I invite individuals and organizations to join BYNF's (Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

or Indian Youth Leadership Forum) growing network and work together to improve

our nation and life’. I have listed here the benefits to join Youth Leadership Forum;

however, you would have to utilize your strengths, ideas and resources to make it

beneficial for you and society.

What will you learn personally, as student and working professional, at Indian Youth

Leadership Forum?

As an individual, you may gain a whole range of personal and social development

skills, including:

• team working and management

• problem solving and social work awareness

• public speaking skills and personality development

• good addition to you resume/CV

• being part of building nation and national forum

• change to network which may help in your entrepreneurial venture and life

• participate in social activities of iCFDR and can also be an intern at iCFDR

How Indian Youth Leadership Forum does help youth?

Providing a voice for youth's thoughts and action on social issues

Creating and maintaining good links with friends, colleagues, juniors and


Acting on issues that are important to nation and the local community.

To help young student to hone their skills and act as their support

Indian Youth Leadership Forum activities including following constructive areas:

• Education and youth empowerment in India

• Employment counselling and Social Inclusion

• Human Rights and Equality

• Sustainable Development and Health

• Academic Counselling, Training and Mobility

These are benefits of joining India Youth Leadership Forum, not only for you but also

for your community, family and others around you.

Hope to welcome you to our growing family soon. I would request you to carefully

read our website, the form and submit the completed form soon.

Love & Regards,

Ravindra Vikram Singh,

Founder President,

Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

Saturday, 26 July 2014

iCFDR Launches Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum

iCFDR has initiated to launched a campaign to connect youth of the nation – students, professionals and self-employed. The new forum, Bharatiya Yuva Netritva Forum - BYNF (Indian Youth Leadership Forum), aims to connect youth of India for their personal and professional growth and also contribute to society's welfare and nation building. iCFDR would act as guiding organisation to establish the forum and its activities.
BYNF, as per vision of iCFDR Chief-Mentor, Ravindra Vikram Singh, would help in developing youth leadership, inspiring young individuals including students to gain skills and knowledge for career and nation building, leading life with civic cooperation for development, entrepreneurship and welfare of society. BYNF would ensure individuals to take part in social activities which help them to network, learn from each other and build friendships that will last a lifetime, at the same time contribute to society.
BYNF's goal is to develop youth of the nation by giving them Academic, Career and Entrepreneurship Counselling, focusing on balance of work, leisure and contributing back to society and organising various social programs and social campaigns with iCFDR and time to time with other social organisation.
Its' organisational structure would include, College Chapters, Professional Cells, location based Councils, and Mentors. Each team (Councils and Chapters) would have Conveners, Correspondent, Facilitator, Coordinators and Secretary apart from other members and volunteers. Each may also have Gender Equality Officer, preferably female member. Academic institutes Chapters may also have provision for Education Officers, for student with excellent academic and extra-curricular records. There would also be College Coordinators and Council Coordinators to ensure smooth functioning. Ravindra Vikram Singh, would take the role of President to guide the organisation. To become a part of Indian Youth Leadership Forum, please mails us at or contact via iCFDR at, please mention in subject – BYNF and send us signed copy of ID proof, self-declaration letter mention there is no criminal case and you firmly believe in equality of humans and gender.
For details - Please check us at: